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Working together for the Filipino Family
Working together for the Filipino Family
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Healthy Buntis Pageant: Inay Espesyal Ka

Baguio City, August 25, 2023

In this month of August, advocates of women's reproductive health and rights across the country, including our organization, The Forum for Family Planning and Development, are once again turning our attention to an important observance: National Family Planning Month. With a steadfast commitment to empowering individuals, promoting reproductive health, and advancing informed decision-making, this month-long campaign holds significant importance in the journey toward ensuring comprehensive healthcare for all.

"Healthy Buntis Pageant: Inay Espesyal Ka" headed by the Baguio City Health Services Office focuses on celebrating and promoting the health and well-being of pregnant women.

"The phrase "Inay Espesyal Ka" conveys a meaningful message of appreciation and recognition for the unique journey of pregnancy and motherhood," said Kevin de Vera. "The pageant could foster community support for pregnant women, especially the support of their husbands in preparation for this event - similarly, to show how important male involvement is in taking care of the health and wellbeing of their pregnant life partners," he added.

In a concerted effort to promote a comprehensive approach to women's reproductive health, The Forum for Family Planning and Development is proud to support Baguio City's "Healthy Buntis Pageant".

"We believe that male involvement is vital for achieving a well-planned family and advancing women's reproductive health," said Dr. Corazon Raymundo, President of The Forum. "The burden of pregnancy should be shared by both the man and the woman. Likewise, birth spacing and making decisions to plan for the number of children couples want should be an informed decision by both partners," she continued.

The pageant among competing pregnant mothers is also a call for the most supportive husband among the candidates. "Maternal deaths are preventable, and men have a crucial part to play in preventing unintended pregnancies, guaranteeing the well-being of mothers and newborns, and standing as advocates for women's health," Dr. Raymundo added.

This social and health advocacy event serves as a reminder that conversations about reproductive health are ongoing and vital. By recognizing the significance of this event, Baguio City takes a step forward in creating an environment where individuals can access the support and resources, they need to make informed choices about their reproductive futures.
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