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Working together for the Filipino Family
Working together for the Filipino Family
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The Forum for Family Planning and Development
Working together for the Filipino Family


Five years ago today, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 or the RPRH Law in a decision that ended more than 15 years of fighting for its passage and defeating the pressure put up by the Catholic Church, its staunchest opposition.

“They must be equal before our laws and must be able to access opportunities and services among others just like any and all Filipinos,” said  The Forum for Family Planning and Development (The Forum), the advocacy organization that works in communities to advance reproductive and sexual rights, lauded the local government initiatives in making conditions better for LGBTs.

Four heads of state and advocates for youth, climate change, and health equity all shared the stage to kick off the Women Deliver 2019 Conference, the largest global conference on women's sexual health rights, gender equality, and cross-cutting issues like climate change and economic empowerment.



Established in 2004, The Forum is a non stock, non profit and non governmental organization composed of experts, well known personalities and supporters of population management, health, nutrition and family welfare, who are highly committed to make a difference in people’s lives.

It works with existing local alliances and networks with similar advocacies. The Forum supports and strengthens institutional linkages with the private and business sectors and academic community through advocacy, capacity-building and awareness-raising initiatives.


The Forum is a leading voice in the advocacy of national policies on population management, health, nutrition, and family welfare and in the provision of universal access to information and service for all Filipinos especially the poor and the youth.


The Forum actively collaborates with influential persons and decision makers from public and private/business sectors, the academe, the media, and the youth in advocating sound population policies and effective family planning and nutrition programs to improve health and welfare of Filipino Families.

It encourages the active involvement of key stakeholders in the provision of information, advice and services in reproductive health and nutrition as critical element in the economy and society’s well being.


The specific issues that The Forum addresses is the acute dearth of information and services on population management, health, nutrition and family welfare for the underserved population. While efforts had been made to solve this problem in the past, the ability to adequately and continuously meet this need is overtaken by yearly increases in population.


To resolve this critical issue, The Forum will bridge this information and service gaps among the poor and the youth, on population management, health, nutrition and family welfare in selected areas of the country. This will be accomplished by enlisting the voluntary assistance of prominent people in the private sector, as well as in the academe.


To achieve this goal The Forum proposes to carry out a three-pronged strategy:

First, it sets up a roster of well know individuals to help managers and implementors of population management, health, nutrition and family welfare programs;

Second, it draws assistance from international, national and local associations and appropriate agencies to support the roster of experts and its activities; and

Third, it develops youth and future community leaders by encouraging their participation in the Forum-initiated population management, health, nutrition and family welfare through capacity-building and advocacy interventions including strategic leadership training and communication programs.

The Forum serves as a platform in the Philippines and in Asia where the best minds will debate and draw attention to these critical issues of population management, health, nutrition and family welfare.


The Forum has designed programs of action along the strategies, outline above, to ensure that the dearth of information and services is sufficiently addressed and the lack is minimized.

It has mounted a two-pronged advocacy program: one that focuses on the top-level decision makers of academic institutions and chief executive officers (CEOs) of business and industry including labor organizations; the other that focuses on community leaders, youth and influential persons, particularly heads of civil society organizations (CSOs). The purpose of this program is to advocate for private sector leadership and participation, mobilization and resource generation.

It has endeavored to make issues relating to population management, health, nutrition and family welfare an integral part of existing and future programs and initiatives of government and private sector.

It serves as a resource center for information services and capacity-building and aims to make this institution a center of excellence. In doing this, it collaborates and networks with the government, CSOs including youth and media to address the aforementioned issues.





Jonathan David A. Flavier, MD
Executive Director
Philippine Center for Population and Development
and Chair, Cooperative Movement for Encouraging
No-Scalpel Vasectomy (CMEN)

Dante B. Canlas, Ph.D
Former Executive Director
Asian Development Bank and Director General, NEDA

Edgardo A. Bautista
Former President, MIRANT Philippines

Peter Wallace
President, Wallace Business Forum

Ernesto Luis Salas
Asst. Vice-President, ACE USA
Menardo R. Jimenez
Former President, GMA-7 Network
Chairman, MAJENT Group of Companies

Carmelita L. Villanueva
Former Chief,
Programs & Information Services, UNESCO

Leticia R. Shahani, Ph.D
Former Senator

Cyndy Tan Jarabata
Advocates for Youth Foundation



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